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Ever feel like you have been wrapped in red tape? Every day you are faced with balancing compliance regulations with organisational goals. Compliance is critical – Non-compliance can be costly. You need to be able to understand and apply training and processes around regulations and verify and report on them.

A learning management system can help you meet regulatory standards by easily tracking and certifying compliance training whether you are a large global corporation or a SMB. You can improve productivity by proactively pushing training to new hires and training only on needed skills based on assessments and job functions.

We can help you cut the red tape and

  • Reduce complexity by automatically setting up curriculum and pushing required training to new hires
  • Prevent lapses with pre-notification of impending expiration of certifications or accreditations
  • Distribute knowledge, procedures and best practices to your target audience regardless of location rapidly and consistently
  • Provide certification training for specific job roles or locations
  • Ensure compliance with features such as secure role based system access control, electronic records management and time stamped audit trails
  • Reduce administration time and stress with easy report generation on training records

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